Hey, Game of Thrones fans! Have you been wondering what Maisie Williams has been up to since the show ended? Well, aside from starring in a few indie flicks, Williams has also been championing lesser-known movies that deserve more attention.

Maisie Williams' Hidden Movie Gems

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into a few of Maisie Williams’ hidden gems – movies you may have missed but definitely shouldn’t have. From heartwarming dramas to suspenseful thrillers, Williams’ picks will have you glued to your screen. So grab some popcorn and get ready to add some new movies to your watchlist!

The Not-So-Famous Side of Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams has quickly become a household name thanks to her role as Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. However, many may not be aware that the young actress has also been busy working on lesser-known films. In fact, Williams has been championing independent movies that deserve more recognition.

While Williams’ latest movie choices may not be making headlines like her previous work, they are still worth watching. So, let’s take a look at some of the hidden gems Williams has starred in that may have gone unnoticed by many.

From heartwarming dramas to intense thrillers, Williams has shown an impressive range as an actress. One of her lesser-known movies is the 2017 thriller “iBoy,” where she plays a girl caught in the crosshairs of gang violence. Another hidden gem is the comedy-drama “Then Came You,” co-starring Nina Dobrev, which follows the friendship of two women with terminal illnesses.

Williams has also shown her talent for voice acting in the 2019 animated film “Gen: Lock.” In this sci-fi adventure, Williams lends her voice to the character of Cameron ‘Cammie’ MacCloud.

So, while Williams may not be starring in big-budget blockbusters, her commitment to independent and lesser-known films proves that she is passionate about acting and supporting the industry as a whole. It’s worth taking a closer look at her filmography to discover some hidden gems that are sure to impress.

The Book of Love (2016)

The Book of Love – A Hidden Gem Starring Maisie Williams

In the 2016 romantic drama “The Book of Love,” Maisie Williams stars alongside Jason Sudeikis and Jessica Biel. The film follows the story of Henry (Sudeikis), a man who is mourning the loss of his wife, and Millie (Williams), a teenage girl who is determined to build a raft to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

As Henry helps Millie with her project, the two form an unlikely bond and learn to navigate their grief. Williams delivers a captivating performance as the determined and adventurous Millie, bringing a youthful energy to the film.

“The Book of Love” is a hidden gem that showcases Williams’ range as an actress beyond her iconic role in Game of Thrones. With a heartfelt story and standout performances from the cast, it’s a film that deserves more recognition.

Watching Williams in films like “The Book of Love” reminds us of the importance of supporting independent cinema and discovering hidden gems. It’s worth taking the time to explore her lesser-known work and uncover the hidden treasures within.

Heatstroke (2014)

Maisie Williams delivers yet another impressive performance in the 2014 thriller film “Heatstroke.” In the movie, Williams plays Josie, a teenager who is on a summer adventure with her father, Paul (Stephen Dorff), in the African desert.

However, their excursion takes a dangerous turn when a group of bandits attacks their campsite, forcing them to flee into the scorching desert. As they struggle to survive and escape the gang’s clutches, Josie develops a close bond with an orphaned baby elephant they find along the way.

Williams’ portrayal of Josie is both fierce and vulnerable, making for a captivating watch. With stunning visuals and a thrilling plot, “Heatstroke” is a hidden gem that deserves more attention.

This film is proof of Williams’ talent as an actress beyond her iconic role in Game of Thrones. It’s a reminder that hidden gems like “Heatstroke” are waiting to be discovered, and it’s always worth taking the time to seek them out.

Gold (2014)

Maisie Williams takes on a different kind of role in the 2014 movie “Gold.” Here, she plays Abbie, a teenager living with her widowed father in a small Welsh town. When Abbie’s father becomes ill, she takes on the responsibility of supporting their family and keeping their struggling jewelry business afloat.

The movie explores themes of family, love, and sacrifice, with Abbie’s character at the center of it all. Williams shines in her portrayal of Abbie, showing a range of emotions from determination to vulnerability.

“Gold” is a heartwarming and inspiring movie that showcases the talent of its young star. It may not have received the same recognition as some of Williams’ other projects, but it is definitely worth a watch for her performance alone.

If you’re looking to explore Maisie Williams’ filmography beyond “Game of Thrones,” “Gold” is a great place to start. It’s a hidden gem that deserves more attention and recognition in the world of cinema.

Two Weeks to Live (2020)

Maisie Williams stars in the 2020 British dark comedy series “Two Weeks to Live.” The series follows Kim Noakes, a young woman who has been raised in isolation by her survivalist mother. When Kim’s mother dies, she sets out on a mission to find her father and avenge her mother’s death, with only two weeks to live.

Williams brings a quirky and compelling energy to the role of Kim, showcasing her versatility as an actress beyond her well-known role as Arya Stark in “Game of Thrones.” The series has received praise for its clever writing, unique style, and strong performances, with Williams’ performance being a standout.

“Two Weeks to Live” is a must-watch for Maisie Williams fans and anyone looking for a refreshing take on the dark comedy genre. It is yet another example of Williams’ talent and ability to captivate audiences with her performances. Be sure to add this hidden gem to your watchlist.

In conclusion, Maisie Williams has delivered yet another standout performance in “Two Weeks to Live.” The series showcases her abilities as an actress and is a must-watch for fans of Williams and dark comedy genre enthusiasts alike.

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